How To Welding Plastics Parts With An Ultrasonic Welding Machine From China Welder?

Until the invention of an ultrasonic welding machine, it was not possible to weld plastic materials. In the application of ultrasonic waves, many instruments are operated. One of them is the ultrasonic welder from Huizhou Shengyang industrial co., Ltd. This device undoubtedly uses ultrasonic waves to weld plastics, but things made of other materials can be welded with such a machine. Milk cans, soda cans, butane lighters, etc. are sealed with this method.

A variety of industries, such as electrical, computer, automotive, aerospace, medical, and so forth use these machines in their packaging section to package and seal the finished products. So we can say that a better and more efficient welder will make the end product look chic and last for a long time.

Now for how is it practically used to pack or seal objects. The machine has a clamp designed especially for molding the objects to be sealed. By placing the object on this clamp, a relatively high pressure is applied while an ultrasonic wave is directed to its entire surface. The high-frequency sounds cause the molecules on the surface to vibrate very quickly and collide randomly with each other. This leads to their merging and all of this can take place in a few seconds.

As seen in each application and invention, this also has some really good benefits, for example, with this method, materials that are flammable can be sealed while this is not possible in the conventional welding process. The work ends in an instant and that’s a plus for them.

Where there are advantages, there will be disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that although the frequency of the sound wave is quite high, it cannot penetrate into hard metallic substances. For them, only the traditional welding method applies.

Even careless handling and the renunciation of hearing protection can harm us, so caution is advised.

Product features of ultrasonic welding machines from Huizhou Shengyang industrial co., Ltd include the following:

  1. High stability: Imported high-performance anti-interference processor is adopted by every digital integrated circuits, which simplifies the hardware structure and decreases the number of components, thereby improving the reliability of the structure.
  2. Frequency Automatic Tracking: Digital phase locked loop frequency tracking composite control technology, combined with digital frequency synthesis technology, can eliminate the disadvantages of temperature, machining area, tool wear, static load, and other factors that are difficult to overcome with conventional analog controllers which is advantageous for the parameter setting. Via the modification of the program software, it is convenient to modify the control scheme and implement different new control strategies.
  3. Strong Output: Its exciting oscillating circuit structure, plus the application of the IGBT power module plus makes the output power more than 1.6 times that of the traditional self-excited circuit.
  4. Intelligent three-item protection and error message: Frequency offset protection, Mold current is too high protection, and overall performance is too big protection. If the unit fails, the generator will immediately stop working and the cause of the fault will be displayed until the technician corrects the error.

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