Industrial Applications Of Automatic Feed Screw Machines And Automatic Screw Feeding Systems

Industrial Applications of Automatic Feed Screw Machines

Every time the business world changes, so do companies. Companies will have to update their machinery and production process regularly. However, one factor that does not change in the business world is the need for production efficiency. In today’s almost entirely automated world, companies may have to upgrade their assembly lines to make them more compatible with automation. One common way of doing this in large industries is by using an automatic feed screwdriver system.

automatic screw feeding system manufacturer

automatic screw feeding system manufacturer

These systems are valuable assets in the modern manufacturing process. They can significantly increase the scale of efficiency of any production process as they can handle large volumes of screws with or without human interference. In industries where screws have to be fit fast and efficiently, an automatic screw feeder machine can ensure a greater return on investment. Industries where the system is used, include the medical device assembly, aerospace assembly, and consumer electronics assembly.

Medical Device Assembly
Assembling a life-saving medical device requires the presence of numerous screws. An automatic feed screw machine can feed screws at the rate of two screws per second to a fixed point, from where a robotic arm or a human worker takes over. This method is 50% more efficient than using shaker trays or bins of screws. To catch up with competitive automotive industries, the advantages offered by automation must be utilized.

Installing automatic feed screw machines increases not only the efficiency but also the accountability of the production process. The machines deliver only the correct type of screws to the robotic arms or the workers, eliminating the possibility of providing the wrong screw. The added level of quality control prevents the scope of rework and increases a company’s assurance of the quality of the product.

Aerospace Assembly
Aerospace is an essential yet costly industry. The airplanes, helicopters and other airborne equipment can shatter or explode into pieces if they are not adequately made. At the same time, the competition and the pace of production in the aerospace industry are similar to the automotive industry. Therefore, high quality control and efficiency in the production process are mandatory in the aerospace industry.

For these reasons, robotic assembly lines are commonly used. These assembly lines complement an automatic feed screw machine that automatically picks up and delivers screws to the required spots and provides accurate torque control. The speed with which the machines work allows the robotic arms to work at full capacity. When combined with screw counters, the accountability produced in each product is unmatched, which is especially important while manufacturing defense and commercial aircraft.
Consumer Electronics Assembly

The fundamental advantage of using an automatic feed screw machine is the efficiency it brings to the production process. In the consumer electronics industry, robotic arms or assembly line workers have to handle many screws simultaneously and accurately. Most consumer electronics involve plastic parts that have to be handled carefully. The use of a wrong screw or a broken screw would be failed quality checks and quality control and time wasted on rework. An automatic feed screw machine eliminates the need for searching for the correct screw.

automatic screw feeding machine manufacturer in china

automatic screw feeding machine manufacturer in china

These machines can be reconfigured to fit different screws according to the project they are used for. This is particularly beneficial in the consumer electronics industry, where the needs are changing regularly and so are the production requirements.For more about automatic feed screw machines and automatic screw feeding systems,you can pay a visit to CalvinDude at for more info.

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