Professional Machine Vision Inspection System Manufacturer Introduces Machines For Surface Inspection & Assembly Inspection

Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd announces to offer vision inspection systems that can be used surface inspection, precision measurement, assembly inspection, product traceability and robot guidance.

Many kinds of defects are hard to detect with human eyes, and for precise inspection, there are various types of vision inspection systems available in the stock of China based Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd. The company offers visual inspection systems with automatic surface detection, visual inspection system for detecting missing loading, easy operating visual inspection machines and dimension checking, smart 2D & 3D machine vision camera systems, and other machines for visual inspection. These machines can be used for detecting cracks, missing materials, scratches, black spots, misalignment, porosity and other kinds of defects in a prototype.


The spokesperson of the company reveals that they are one of the leading vision inspection system manufacturers that designs and develops efficient visual inspection machines. In many industries, these inspection systems play a great role in checking product defects and ensuring production of flawless products. According to the spokesperson, 100% human inspection could not be sensible, if the goal is to develop a perfect product. The system ensures consistent surface quality to improve and expedite the production process. With fast and efficient surface inspection process, the systems eliminate the needs of expensive manpower. At the same time, industries can now more focus on their core business, rather than worrying about the inspection issue.


Sipotek is one of the very few machine vision inspection system manufacturers that design visual inspection machine that comes with the automatic vibrating feed system. The machine can offer a very high detection accuracy of up to 0.25mm. With high detection efficiency, this visual inspection machine can detect defects in length, dimension and height. The system is useful in many industries, including mobile phone accessories, electronic items, medical devices, home appliances, and so on. The spokesperson states that their inspection systems can inspect products, made of different materials, such as aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and others. With very high detection speed, the machines can check defects of thousands of products in a minute.


Maintaining its reputation as one of the top machine vision companiesSipotek designs and delivers vision inspection systems that are required by the modern industries. With their speed, accuracy and efficiency, these machines are capable of carrying out all types of visual inspections to help maintain the product quality. Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd has clients all across the world, and they supply visual inspection machines to varied industries. The company has a team of technical professionals and it spends significantly on R&D in order to upgrade its existing machine range and designing new systems as well.


To know about these visual inspection machines and for all applications they are used, one can visit their website


About Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd

Since its establishment 16 years ago, Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of image technology and machine vision, with more than 70 senior R&D personnel of machine vision system and industrial automation engineers. The company’s key technical personnel are mainly from HUAWEI, BYD, FOXCONN and other first-class manufacturing enterprises, with many years of mature experience in software design, visual and image comparison technology, industrial automation and other aspects.


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