Automatic screw feeder is essential machine for repairing electronics in industries

An Automatic Screw Feeder is a very advanced, powerful and automatic machine in the field of electronics repair. This machine is an automatic screwdriver robot, which is essential for repairing electronics in industries. This machine is an ideal machine and provides several benefits to the user.

Descriptive info:

An automatic screw feeder is a profitable machine for the electronics field. This is a robotic machine for screws locking and opening.

The screw feeder has a plywood case, which makes the machine very strong. This machine is with a frequency of 50 to 60 HZA. The source power of an automatic screw feeder is Pneumatic and electricity. Through electricity, this machine can work and gives results for the screw feeding. The feeding mod of this machine is absorption type.

The dimension is about 595MM to 500 for the loading speed. Many companies launched many products of screw feeding robot, but these all have the primary function with a robotic feeding screw. The machine works delight, through the robotic feeder anyone can save two-man force. This machine is very safe to use and carry.

The machine is working on the power supply (AC220V 50HZ). The teach pendant is the control panel of this screw feeding machine. The company fits a communication option also which is the USB switch. The devices can work on three transmission modes like Timing Belt, Screw Rod, and Guide Rail.

The robotic machine is a wire cable alters mechanism. This machine an effective save timing machine at all which will solve your screw fixing and opening problem. The net weight of this machine is about 65 KG with the operation range 380*380*80 mm.

We can drive the machine in two ways timing belt and Precision Stepping Motor. The feeder can tighten about 60 screws in one minute. It means this machine is the top best machine electronic industrial use.

Personal Experiences:

Before using the automatic screw feeder machine, I was not happy with my field. In the electronic area, a mechanic always plays with screws and gages. Some time tiny screws fixing and the opening is being harsh for me, but after having the robotic feeder now do not think about screw locking or accessible work.

This machine provides me an unusual word in low intensity. This machine is just amazing with its low power and best robotic work. A single cannot be messing with this machine. This is my  Personal experience with automatic screw feeder machine from Huizhou ShengYang Industrial Co., Ltd.


  • Flexible and versatile in use:
  • Several production requirements:
  • Feed screw module can be changed:
  • Aluminum cable system makes us sure for rigidity:
  • Having friendly features (touch screen and pendant operation system):
  • It can work accept pendant connection:
  • ODM is excellent in the machine:

If you are stuck in feeding screws and wants to get rid of this problem? Then without wasting time makes bring this Automatic screw feeder machine for extensive use in your shop or working area. The machine will provide you best results to open and fixing electronic devices.

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