How to Use an Automatic Screw Dispenser For Assembly Automation Screw Feeders

How to Use an Automatic Screw Dispenser For Assembly Automation Screw Feeders

An automatic screw dispenser mechanism is designed to provide the highest level of convenience. It dispenses with the need to sort, feed and fix screws manually.
What does that mean for a manufacturing facility?

Increased productivity and efficiency. Uniformity in repetitive tasks. A significant amount of time saved. And the ability to complete all manufacturing tasks within the stipulated deadlines.

However, every automatic screw dispenser features a unique design meant to fit the requirements of different industries. One has a wide range to choose from including fixtures drive heads, handheld drive heads, vibratory screw feeders and automatic step feeders.

automatic screw dispenser manufacturers in china

automatic screw dispenser manufacturers in china

Features of an Automatic Screw Feeder

The feeder is composed of several working parts that each perform a distinct function. The hopper is like a storage bin. The screws are poured into the hopper from where they are transferred via a feed track. The screws are arranged along a rail and a feed one-by-one.

Most automatic screw dispenser machines include a control to adjust and set the feeding time. Thus, you can decide the time lapse between the dispensing of two screws. Connecting the motor to the screwdriver is a screw conveying pipe. Some designs include two outlets. This means that they send out two screws at a time.

Depending on the type of Automatic Screw Feeder you use, the external connector could be a hand-held unit or a robotic arm. The bit at the end is magnetised. The magnetic tip immediately picks up the screws by their head and keeps them engaged until they are fastened onto a surface. This reduces the hassles of dropping and losing screws.

The fastening fixture with the screw latched onto its bit is brought to the surface where it needs to be fixed. As soon as the screw is fastened, the next screw is supplied. The machine needs to be refilled in order to provide a steady flow. While some feature a large storage silo, others are connected to a central resource.

Select models also add in an LCD screen that keeps a record of the power and the number of screws.

Tips to Use an Automatic Screw Dispenser
Getting the best value from your automatic screw dispenser starts with reassessing your need for one.

Ask yourself one question – what is the total volume of screws handled daily. It depends on the type of product you put together at your manufacturing facility. There are assembly lines that need a continuous supply of screws, around forty per minute. On the other hand, there are products that only require a small number of screws during assemblage. To add, they may each be a different size thereby warranting the use of multiple dispensers simultaneously.

It can get a little tedious and end up using more time, than saving it. To check if fitting the screws is worth it, check the amount of time saved fitting per screw, multiplied by the number of screws fitted daily.

When using it is advised you sit the screw dispenser machine on a level surface. Doing so keeps the machine from toppling during operation.

automatic screw dispenser manufacturers in china

automatic screw dispenser manufacturers in china

All automatic screw feeder models come with an instruction manual to best guide on how to use the tool. However, if you still run into problems you can always contact their technicians for help.

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