The Constituents of Automatic Screw Locking Machine And Automatic Screw Feeding Machine

Automatic feeding machine / automatic screw feeder price

The automatic screw feeder and screw distributors are normally used for the manufacture of household appliances. They are used to finish the locking screws when assembling the product. They ensure the function of a good packaging in the products. Its dimensions are usually 1900 by 800 by 600 mm. Its execution range is in fact 800 out of 400 on 200 mm, which can be adjusted according to the size of the product. The electrical configuration is BM6-Z, which is high precision with the Z axis module blocked. It has a cylinder called THK KK-60, SMC components, a Panasonic motor controller, Japanese drills manufactured by HIOS Screwdriver, a WEINVIEW touch screen, KEYENCE FOS and a vacuum tube from MISUMI.

Here’s how the machine works: load the products manually, automatically set the model position, the lock mode starts to run automatically, the locking screw automatically ends, and then download the products manually. The machine presents an import of EXCEL file coordinates. It adopts a BM6-Z Japanese blocking module and a direct intelligent screening start. The machine automatically terminates the screw lock according to the preset coordinates. Replacement products simply require the modification of the API block point coordinates. The machine is very efficient from the first pass and accurate. At the same time, the quality of the locking screw is very stable and inherently reliable. The auxiliary function has slip detection on the screw which also includes leak detection of the screw lock. The machine also has a fluctuating block recognition screw, faulty screw statistics and screw detection. It also has a visual programming function based on the CCD, to ensure a satisfactory accuracy and comfort. This machine is suitable for use in toys, computers, cameras and plastic products.

Multiple Spindle in line Rotation Automatic Tightening Machine / Automatic Screw Fixing Machine

The dimensions of the machine depend on the size of the product and generally measure around 1900 x 800 x 600 mm. Its XYZ dimensions are generally 800 mm by 400 mm by 200 mm. Its power consumption varies from about 300W to 750W. The frame consists of a steel plate, a rectangular tube and an aluminum alloy frame. The mechanism consists of a robotic advance screw cylinder, a servomotor and an electro-pneumatic combination. Presents a form of BM6-Z automatic feed for screws. The locking speed of the screw depends on the length of the screw and the path, usually 1.5 to 2.5 seconds / hour.

Most machines in this category have a maximum operating speed of 500 mm / s. This type of machinery is used for the screws of the finished products that are fixed in the assembly lines, to ensure that the products have a good functioning in the packaging. These machines have a function of importing coordinates from EXCEL files. These machines have an automatic locking screw finishing function that works according to predefined coordinates. These machines offer initial performance and high quality precision. The quality of the locking screw is reliable and stable.

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