What is the matter with noise of the automatic locking screw machine?

After experiencing national adjustment and reform, the manufacturing industry has revealed an innovative side. While the company is constantly pursuing development, the extrusion of labor costs has caused more and more enterprises to use automated equipment instead of manual operations. The automatic locking screw machine is improving. At the same time, the company’s image has raised production efficiency and production quality to a new level, but operators who often use automatic locking screw machines will find that the sound of the equipment is not small, or if there is no sound or very small sound. However, some screw machines are still not possible. The main thing is that several aspects are not done well.
1. The noise of the screw machine is caused by the feeder. The vibrating plate of the feeder needs vibration to meet the normal operation of the screw. When the screw falls into the track in various irregular ways, the vibrating plate needs to be vibrated to Shake to meet the normal entry of other screws into the next level.

automatic screw locking machine

2. The air pressure is loud, and each time the lock is paid, a pneumatic air blow is required. The adjustment of the air pressure is mainly based on the engineer’s design scheme.
However, for the first point, Tai Lianda has set a button on the feeder that can adjust the vibration amplitude. The operator can decide how much vibration force to use according to different screws. The actual parameters are subject to the actual vibration amplitude. The sound is smaller.

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