Automatic Soldering Machine Is Popular Using For Saving Labor

Generally soldering is something that connects two objects. The common process is it melts a soft metal and after cooling it creates bonds through which electricity passes. The same thing is developed in a robotic style that is fully programmed smartly called “Automatic Soldering Machine”. Because of the increasing cost of production, rising wage demands and soldering done with hand were not enough.

Automatic Soldering Machines are especially made for automotive electronics, digital electronics, electronic, LCD, circuit boards and other production industries, connectors, RJ/network transformer, platoon lines, FPCB welding, COF package for welding, computer motherboards, CABLE, speaker, and motor high-frequency head, photoelectric products and all better output soldering.

However, it works on electronic power and works on 220V with the starting power of 900 kW. Its weight is approximately 45 with the rated capacity of 6KG. Aluminum allow material is used to make this machine and it can supply 1000 sets per month.

The Automatic Soldering Machine is created with both Software and Hardware. It is operated through a PC software that is very simple and easy to use. Using the software one can design and program customization. It can store up to one hundred profiles to satisfy the needs of largely wanted soldering applications.


Once, I saw an ad on social media about the Automatic Soldering Machine from Huizhou ShengYang Industrial Co., Ltd. The features of this machine shown in that ad were really impressive. I just contact a seller online to get more information as I may purchase this machine very wisely.

After my complete satisfaction, I just bought this machine and placed it in my lab started work on it. It is a complete user-friendly software based machine, even a beginner can also work on this machine comforter.

You just need to set the program once as the requirement of your work. By using this machine I just get rid to pay more workers. This machine increased the perfection level in soldering the tiny components of the very small circuit and decreased pay of my labor.


  • The automatic soldering machine allows you to operate, spot soldering, drag soldering, automatic cleaning, multi-angle soldering are quite easily.
  • Position calibration, soldering dot array, parameter copy, automatic location and skip system are installed.
  • Program insertion and detection make program revised easily and rapidly.
  • The intelligent controlling system achieves accurate delivery of solder, speed, time, temperature and quantity of solder can be adjusted and controlled accurately.
  • Provides excellent quality of work.
  • High precision and high rigidity of the external design, long lasting guarantee equipment accuracy, high stability.
  • Robots are programmed to satisfy customer needs in a fast, productive and better way.
  • Always error-free. If it is set perfectly.

Although you are the owner of an electronic Lab or industry, you should buy this machine to save your labor wedges, perfection level and to save time. Only one person can operate 2 to 3 machines using automatic soldering and one machine can reduce the work of 8 to 9 persons.

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