How To Choose Automatic Screw Locking Machine Rightly

The Automatic Screw Locking Machine is a needed gadget for diverse companies all over the world, but before embarking in the buying of any of these devices, there are some factors that have to be taken into consideration such as:

  • It is a good choice if the screwdrivers are small so workers operating vision is not going to be blocked.
  • Furthermore, the screwdrivers are not supposed to be heavy at all; by providing this, it also gives a comfortable sensation while working.
  • For instance, the noise made by this device is better to be lower than 50 decibel.
  • If there is no need to use a vibration plate, it is better done it that way so the screw will not wear off.
  • The machine’s weight has to be acceptable (no more than 9 kg), in order to favor its transportation an easy task to perform.
  • If it possesses intelligent alarm function, with acousto-optic reminders features, it will be a good acquisition.
  • The machine has to be provided with a counting function which can be very helpful at the moment of saving the statics for production.
  • Preferable it has to have an ergonomic handle design; so the slippery of the screwdrivers is prevented and it also provides good tactility.
  • It is pretty convenient since the screw can make when a hand help stay lock products, thus a small positioning fixture can be saved here.
  • As it eliminates the usage of hands at the moment of screwing, it is highly recommendable that the device provides a quick service. No waiting time since the screw is on the screwdriver placing the screws right on the holes position and lock them securely and tight is a great advantage to take into consideration.
  • It will be great if it also provides a clean working area with hands totally out of the process. Thus, the product will not rust as other devices with the same function that are in contact with human hands.
  • It will be a great option placing the machine on the production line; moreover, its design will have to be sort of a desktop type.
  • If the automatic It is made of a high-rigidity aluminum alloy with a multi-axis design that guarantees reliability and accuracy.
  • Another characteristic featured in the machine is the user-friendly touch screen or teaching pendant operation. It is a very easy to operate machinery.
  • The crew locking function can be performed without a teach pendant connection.

If any of these features are not convincing enough to buy an Automatic Screw Locking Machine; other aspects that should be considered are if the manufacturer has been providing and manufacturing electronic equipment as well as researching and develop technology linked to factory automatization for a certain period of time; for instance, more than 20 years. This amount of time will give a good foundation to trust in any company’s products. Furthermore, the amount of countries where the company is the primary provider of this sort of machinery will be another of the facts taking into account at the moment of buying it. One more reason to take into consideration is the fast response from the company’s team to the requirements made by the customers.

It is also important to remark that this is one of the many devices that are in the market for automation purposes. The process should be completed with a trustable automatic screw feeder and an automatic soldering machine, if there is a need for them in the assembly line production of the factory.

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