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Wave soldering is a versatile process automatic soldering machine because simple connections can be made with wave soldering machines, eg. As the insertion of a board and its components in the shaft or complicated seams, as many machines can work with CAD and CAD change. Plates through the welding nozzles by tilting the plate in all three axes.

manual welding
Manual welding has been the standard welding process automatic soldering machine for almost the whole of human history, although manual welding has obviously been replaced in recent decades. But there is always a place for that. Hand welding is literally a profession because there is an art and a science for manual welding.

With manual welding accuracy automatic soldering machine and precision are possible, as well as some connections that computer-controlled or reflow machines simply can not.

Wave soldering, however, has some disadvantages. This is not ideal for high volume operation as it can take a long time. This can also be dangerous for surface-mounted components, as the solder can be melted and the component is dropped or a faulty seal is created. In addition, not all wave machines can make extremely thin connections.

Which welding method is the best – automatic soldering machine? It depends on what is welded and how it is welded. These are some of the common types of welding.

Weld reflow
Reflow soldering is one of the most common welding methods automatic soldering machine today. Reflux occurs in the simplest case when a certain amount of solid solder (often a paste) is deposited on a specific location on an object, which is then sent to a reflow oven. The heat from the reflow oven liquefies the solder, which solidifies after leaving the furnace and forms the weld.

Reflow ovens are very common automatic soldering machine when welding components on a circuit board or circuit board, especially if you need to weld a large number of plates as fast as possible. As long as the flux and the solder are properly positioned and nothing goes wrong in the oven, this is a very efficient and safe method of producing large quantities of product.

However, there are some automatic soldering machine disadvantages. Reflow ovens are not the most accurate tools and it is possible that some of the finest joints with a reflow oven can not be easily achieved. In addition, Reflow is only suitable for surface mounted components or electronic components that are only attached to one side of the panel.

wave soldering
Wave soldering is a form of selective welding automatic soldering machine in which only certain parts of the plate are welded because the components must be attached to these parts of the plate. This is done by creating a liquid welding wave obtained by stirring a group thereof to generate waveforms. The plate is flow-treated, preheated and possibly masked to avoid damage to the components. It is pulled into the shaft so that the components are welded together at the key points, fixing the required components to the plate and making the connections.

In welding, two objects are joined together by melting a soft metal and using automatic soldering machine as a bridge, although several welding methods are used for this purpose. The method normally used depends on the type of attached objects. The type of weld is also important because each method is usually reserved for specific applications.

Wave soldering, however, is very well automatic soldering machine suited and indeed the standard welding method for welding panels with continuous components. Through-hole components are no longer the predominant type of component (surface mount), but are still commonly used when a component with a large number of connectors is needed or when much power is consumed.

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