Types Of Automatic Welding Machines From China Manufacturer Huizhou Shengyang Industrial

People invented the first gas welding torch for melting metal with focused heat locally. These burners made room for arc brazing, which produced even more intense heat. The TIG welder is one of the most versatile welding machines that can more accurately determine heat, allowing for smaller precision welds. Another popular type of soldering machine that is used today is the MIG welder.

Arc welding

The industry uses arc welding or bar welding in a number of applications, including construction and repair work. This type uses either DC or AC welding power to form an electric arc between the base material and the electrode to melt metals at the melting point. It is covered with flux to protect the welding area from oxidation and contamination.

There are two types of arc welding machines which consist of oil or air cooled DC welders or AC welders that make use of air cooling system. An Arc welding is limited to brazing ferrous metals only.

MIG welding

MIG or Metal Inert Gas Brazing is an automatic or semi-automatic arc welding process. It is also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding. This process comprises a consumable and continuous wire electrode and shield gas, which are passed through a MIG torch or the CO2 melt gun. A DC source is normally used with a MIG welder, although AC is the second choice. One of the advantages of these soldering machines is that voltage, current and speed are adjustable. These machines also have a variety of voltages and valves to control the gas flow. A MIG welder that is used in a welding process without shielding gas is known as core flux arc welding. With this method, the wire used for welding has a flux-filled core and a hot arc that has the capability of welding thick pieces of metal.

TIG welding

Tungsten inert gas soldering or TIG soldering is a process in which a tungsten electrode which is non-consumable powers the welding arc for welding. To protect the weld area from contamination, Argon gas is typically used as a shield. Typically, a TIG weld is used in the welding of thin parts of magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel and copper alloys.

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Welding Processes

The type of welding equipment required depends on the job, since soldering on land, under water and even in space is possible. However, most of the welding equipment used in factories, in construction and in manufacturing are for forging, arc brazing, gas, friction, robotic brazing, resistance brazing, etc.

The most common type of brazing is gas brazing, also referred to as oxyacetylene welding; this is because acetylene and oxygen gases mix to produce a very high temperature on the burner to melt the edges of the metal being worked upon. This is very popular as it can be used as a portable system. Arc welding is the process of creating an electrical current flow between the electrode and the material to be welded, thereby fusing them together.

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