Discover what the automatic machine vision inspection machines systems and equipments offers to manufacturers

Sipotek is a professional china automated optical inspection machine manufacturers located in shenzhen city,major products including visual inspection machine and automated optical inspection (AOI) machine.

Today sipotek will take us to discover what the automatic machine vision inspection machines systems and equipments offers to manufacturers.

Machien vision inspection has become a fairly popular practice among various branches of science, and is that through these processes, they ensure that the materials that require analysis are in perfect condition.

The precision of an automatic vision inspection machine.

Previously this practice was performed by the human eye, but of course this was missing some detail, which was not a completely reliable procedure, because for an average human, detecting faults in a material of 1 millimeter is practically impossible, even if you have a perfect vision.

There are currently a large number of machines that do this work in an automated way, and every day manufacturers strive to ensure that their creations have a high level of precision and are the products preferred by customers.

An automatic vision inspection machine is the evolution of inspections.

The Sipotek brand is one of the pioneers due to the creation of an automatic vision inspection machine that does not need the supervision of a person, but analyzes the materials in an automated way, yielding statistics about the physical characteristics observed during the analysis process.

An automatic vision inspection machine is able to collect data to make a comparison with other pieces analyzed (in the case that a series of materials are presented), and creates a database where it includes the information of each of these pieces.

What is the precision range of an automatic vision inspection machine?

Unlike the most common vision inspection machines on the market, and in addition to those manufactured by this company, an automatic vision inspection systems has a much higher accuracy range, since they are capable of detecting faults in parts that have a up to 0.25 millimeters in size, this is one of the main characteristics of the automated machines manufactured in Sipotek.

What are the most popular uses of an automatic vision inspection machine?

An automatic vision inspection machine has a fairly defined function, which is, detect through the observation of certain images, any error or failure that presents a material to which a visionization test is applied. This is implicit in the name, however there are other functions that turn out to be much more specific than this one.

The automatic vision inspection machine of Sipotek has several modalities in its programming, which allows the user to detect a specific failure, that is, apart from collecting all the information about the material that is being analyzed, the machine also comes with different levels of specific activities, which are selected based on what is needed. The most important modalities in which you can program an automatic visual inspection machine are the inspection of sizes, which ensures that all the selected pieces meet the established standard of size; fault inspection, which detects through the images emitted by the cameras installed in this equipment, any failure, for example a crack, that possesses the material that has been selected to be analyzed. These are some of the functions that are associated with its use.

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