Points to consider before buying machine vision inspection camera systems for automatic assembly online manufacturing inspection

Machine vision cameras are one of the latest technologies that are adorning the manufacturing industry. One of the most important parts of this industry is assembly and inspection, and now that components are becoming smaller to keep up the efficiency, these systems are utilized. These cameras can help in inspecting the parts before and after assembly, which in turn increases the productivity and decreases the risk in the company. Every type of manufacturing businesses these days are keen on installing them, but there are hundreds of options to choose from.

There are many types of camera systems to choose from as they differ in size and features.  That is why it is important to choose them correctly, which will be helpful in a particular type of manufacturing only. Some of the features that you should pay attention to while buying these systems are:

Area of inspection

First, you should decide what the area of inspection is and how much a camera needs to capture. The two most common options are a line scan camera and a wide area scan camera. Wide area cameras can capture wider areas by capturing vertical and horizontal elements in 2D format. Line scan cameras instead help capture a single line of manufacturing like in metal and glass sheet manufacturing units.

Imaging rate

You should choose a camera according to the imaging rate. That is the rate at which it can click the objects in a second. You will have to first decide the number of objects that will cross an area in a single second and then choose a camera accordingly.


When choosing a machine vision camera, the most vital point to be considered is the resolution. You should keep in mind the smallest element that needs to be captured with utmost clarity through the camera lenses. Along with these, you should also determine the area of scanning to get a clear idea of the resolution powers that are needed to identify any fault to the problem with the object in question.


Manufacturing units can have a varying environment which can be caused due to fixed temperature and pressure situations. Cameras are made up of sensitive equipment and parts which can be affected by extreme or certain conditions. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the area and the environmental conditions of the place to avoid any kind of camera damage.


Never choose a machine vision camera which does not come with customizations of their own. Manufacturing units can change their requirements and if you are planning to install a larger number of cameras, then replacing them cannot be financially feasible. Therefore, choose customizable options so that you can change the settings and features.


Lastly, you should ponder upon the point of the budget that you are planning to invest. Higher resolution, better imaging rate, etc. means the camera system will be expensive as well, compared to medium or lower kinds. You can do assessments related to the requirements and needs of the inspection and then choose a budget bracket.

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