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Plastic Ultrasonic Welding Process Overview In Electronics And The Automotive Industry

Huizhou Shengyang Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialize in R&D and manufacturing electronic equipment industry manufacturing automation equipments.Our products including ultrasonic welding machine,automatic welding machine,automatic screw locking machine, automatic screw tightening machine, automatic screw feeder machine, Turbine air blowing automatic feeder, Coordinate machine, Automatic dispenser, Peristaltic dispenser, Automatic glue filling machine, Automatic soldering machine and so on. Today Huizhou Shengyang will tell you something about ultrasonic welding. Ultrasonic Welding is a process where the high frequency vibrations of an ultrasound are applied to [...]

Types Of Automatic Welding Machines From China Manufacturer Huizhou Shengyang Industrial

People invented the first gas welding torch for melting metal with focused heat locally. These burners made room for arc brazing, which produced even more intense heat. The TIG welder is one of the most versatile welding machines that can more accurately determine heat, allowing for smaller precision welds. Another popular type of soldering machine that is used today is the MIG welder. Arc welding The industry uses arc welding or bar welding in a number of applications, including construction and [...]

Automatic Ultrasonic Welding Machines and Plastic Welder Companies

An Automatic Welding machine is better defined as a tool or device that use heat and pressure to create a bond between two parts of metals or materials automatically. Welding machines from Huizhou Shengyang industrial Co., Ltd are widely used in various production units that produce engineering materials, as well as in automobiles and the aerospace industry. They are also widely used in railway and coach manufacturing companies. Welders are widely used in most industries. Considering welders as equipment of [...]