According to top machine vision systems manufacturers, what is the importance of good imaging software?

The set of elements and the functionality of each of them is what determines the result of the visual inspection.

Each of the elements that are involved in a visual inspection play a fundamental role, and this is well known by all machine vision systems manufacturers, which is why they are always working together with other people, for example with machine vision camera manufacturers to achieve a fairly clear and pure image and thus detect errors more quickly and accurately than was possible in the past.

There are some elements that are more linked to the result and customer requirements than others.

While it is true that there are many elements involved in visual inspection, there are some that together with the requirements of the clients become more decisive than others, for example, according to the needs that those interested in performing the visual inspection may have, machine vision systems manufacturers will configure the processes and machine vision camera manufacturers will place their devices, all in order to meet each of the objectives that have been proposed to them.

Image software is required that is capable of optimally processing the data it receives.

Many machine vision systems manufacturers know that image processing is quite decisive when defining what the results will be shown at the end, which is why it requires a fairly sophisticated software that is responsible for including or excluding parts under the established parameters, these are rarely included from machine vision camera manufacturers, so it became a common practice for machine vision systems manufacturers to develop image software.

What is an image software?

It is a program that is responsible for the processing and analysis of all the information collected by cameras and sensors contained in visual inspection machines. The program is responsible for being specific, taking measurements and discarding the parts that have damages that compromise their function, in this way you can quickly determine which pieces qualify as ideal and which do not, so you begin to classify all the information and also the pieces useful that remained of the whole process.

Previously using image software was a bit “primitive” due to the capabilities of the equipment.

The image software until a few years ago had not been allowed to be much faster due to the capacity of the equipment that supported the information traffic, however at present there are many computers that are able to work at a very high speed and store and handle a large amount of data, so it is much simpler to handle these processes today.

What is capable of running modern software?

The image software that is currently being developed is capable of executing in a very precise way a large list of comparison and classification tasks, and you can really program it to do almost anything, that is why the development of a program like this Within a visual inspection is decisive for the results, all machine vision systems manufacturers take this into account.

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