The Efficient Method To Use Automatic Soldering Machine

As contemporary electronics are embracing more light-weighted, efficiency increased, and high-speed processes in every aspect, the manufacturing line has begun to also embrace this so-called “philosophy” especially in the assembly line of Printed Circuit Boards or “PCB”.

Soldering is a major player when determining the overall success of any electronic products, for the simple reason that for the proper function of the device there has to be a proper electrical connection which only can come from a very precise soldering technique.

Due to the level of importance that Soldering has, more and more companies with automated assembly lines or making the change to them, are preferring to use an Automatic Soldering Machine over hand soldering because of how much more efficient, accurate, and faster, Automatic Soldering can be, in addition when it comes to increasing production numbers due to high levels of demand and positively meeting the cost-effectiveness mark it makes a lot of sense why companies would prefer it, now, is not that hand soldering has to merits to it, especially when people look for a manual, crafty, and professional finish. Certain companies, however, have managed to combine both types of Soldering.

When choosing an Automatic Soldering Machine there are two leading technologies available for automated assembly lines these are wave soldering and reflow soldering, they have been the ones to receive the full attention of the industry, and therefore are the two technologies that have been more widely developed, which is why is very common to find one or the other in an automated assembly line.

Even though these two technologies are so widely spread, whenever a company seeks to purchase an Automatic Soldering Machine for their assembly line, they are often confused as to whether go with wave soldering technology or reflow soldering technology.

Now, before you can make a decision between an Automatic Soldering Machine for wave soldering or reflow soldering, you have to understand three basic concepts first which are Welding, Brazing, and Soldering.


Welding occurs when two metals with similar properties are melted in order to be bonded together. Brazing is when two pieces of metal are bonded together using high-temperature levels. Soldering is pretty much the same as brazing, only that is accomplished using lower temperatures and alloy called Solder.

In the case of Companies that work with PCB, they use a solder paste containing lead and mercury, which makes it quite hazardous and therefore it has to be handled with care.

Wave Soldering.

As the name implies, wave soldering uses a liquid “wave” to combined the necessary elements. The liquid is actually melted tin. For this, you will need an Automatic Soldering Machine specialized for Wave Soldering.

This type of soldering goes through 4 phases.

  1. Flux Spraying.
  2. Pre-Heating.
  3. Wave Soldering.
  4. Cooling.


Reflow Soldering.

Reflow Soldering happens when two components are permanently glued together using a special Solder Paste which is melted using hot air or other thermal methods. An Automatic Soldering Machine that uses Reflow Soldering is called Soldering Oven.

This type of soldering goes through 4 phases.

  1. Pre-Heating.
  2. Thermal Soak.
  3. Reflow Soldering.
  4. Cooling.

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