What Is An Automatic Feed Screwdriver System?

What Is An Automatic Feed Screwdriver System?
Screwdrivers are handy little devices that play an important in the manufacturing, assembly, and repair of various appliances. Any product that has screws is dependent on screwdrivers. Whether it is small-sized hardware, sensitive medical equipment, or big bulky machinery, etc the screws are put in using drivers of various kinds. However, the manual screwdrivers are not feasible anymore for locking screws in larger numbers. There are hundreds of screws that need locking in production plants and assembly lines on a daily even hourly basis. Doing all this work manually will require several hundred operators to maintain a profitable production rate. This will be financially stressful in terms of labor costs. Otherwise, the reduced labor will produce a reduced number of units. This is not a realistic expectation or an efficient way to solve this problem. But using automated devices for screw feeding and screw driving tasks at hand provided by the automatic feed screwdriver system manufacturers offers a viable solution.

Automatic Screw Feeding Machine

Automatic Screw Feeding Machine

Manual screw feeding and driving is simply not feasible at the industrial level. There is a minimum limit for daily unit production. If this requirement is not met, the company has to incur losses. Many factors can become a hindrance in achieving this minimum production rate with manual labor. Since all of these delays causing issues are labor-related and handling screws and driving them is the most time taking process of manufacturing and assembly. It stands to reason that it is the very part of the operation that should be automated to provide optimal performance.

What are Automatic Screw Feeder Systems and Driver Systems
To automate these manual aspects, the assembly automation screw feeders and drivers are introduced by automatic feed screwdriver system manufacturers. The automatic screw feeders eliminate the need for hands to sort, pick and place the screws in position to be locked. In the same way, the automated screwdrivers can quickly lock the screws upon putting slight pressure rather than by endless twisting of the driver for locking every screw.

The automatic feed screwdriver systems provided by automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers are a great way to reduce labor costs and produce an increased number of units every day. These systems are available as separates devices but they are also available can combinations configured by automated screw feeders and automated screw driving system manufacturers. These combination devices are highly convenient as they combine the benefits of both devices into one better device. These systems work by loading screws in bulk quantities into the feeder part of a single device. These screws are sorted and forwarded directly to the driver’s tips and are locked right away. With these remarkable automatic feed screw driving systems, there is no need to use hands and pick and place the screws into the hole and then lock them one by one. All of this work can be done much efficiently by using a single device which is ideal for large-scale production requirements. It not only saves time and effort but also reducing manufacturing costs.

So, an automatic feed screwdriver system is one where manufacturing and assembly are carried out by using assembly automation screw feeders and drivers instead of manual options. Depending on the level of automation, these systems greatly reduce the involvement of human operators and increase the rate of production simultaneously.

There are two main classifications of automatic screw feeder systems and driver systems:

The Handheld Device
Assembly automation screw feeders and drivers are available as handheld devices. They are easy to use and do full assembly from sorting screws to supply and locking them. But these devices are dependent on operators to do the job. However, they still improve the production rate and offer high precision. The operators do not suffer any hand fatigue as they do with manual devices. They have a better speed that contributes towards the efficiency of the whole process. The automated screw driving system manufacturers offer a different version of handheld devices. Some common options of operational choices are cord or cordless devices and screws sorting and supplying mechanisms.
The cord version is preferred for medium to intense usage. It works with electricity which keeps the workflow uniform and delivers high output with exclusive accuracy and precision. The cordless version, however, works for light usage but needs battery replacements often. The screw sorting and supplying for the locking process is done either by vacuum, magnetic, or pneumatic processes. The variations are available and are selected based on task specifications.

The Fully Automated Device
Fully automated devices are the ones provided by the automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers that require no human intervention for operations. These devices are programmable where the coordinates for the movement for the robotic arm are fed into the system. The arm is configured with the combo of screw feeder and driver and move in various dimensions over the product being manufactured or assembled.

There is another type of fully automated yet fixed device that needs some level of human intervention to operate. These are either desktop where the device is placed and positioned and then screws are supplied and locked or these devices are fitted on the production lines and screws are locked in one after the other. Still, labor is required to load the item onto the conveyer belt and keep an eye on things.

china automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers

china automatic screw feeder machine manufacturers

An amazing feature of these assembly automation screw feeders and drivers is that these can be easily reprogrammed or reconfigured. Generally, they work on a single-cell assembly. But with the help of some easy customization provided by automatic feed screwdriver system manufacturers, they can work on different products too.

The cost of installing these devices is also a huge point to consider. There has to be a thorough feasibility check performed as they are expensive. However, the work efficiency and cost reduction benefits allow recovering the automation costs within months. But there must be essential resources such as trained operators, space, production requirements, etc available to exploit these exceptional devices to their fullest potential. In short, assembly automation has many benefits to offer to any business interest in reaping them.

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