Why have machine vision camera manufacturers made cameras recognize patterns?

The visual inspection technique not only detects the absence of material, cracks or extra elements, but goes much further.

When you think about the use of a visual inspection camera within a system, the first purpose that comes to our minds is to detect a failure in the structure of the parts that are being evaluated, however this may be one of many purposes that may exist in the checklist of these machines, because otherwise they will not enjoy such specific functions as the recognition of certain patterns.

The patterns are fundamental in visual inspections, because they not only take into account that the revised elements comply with a specific size, but are identical to the original piece.

A pattern is a very common element in all production lines, because most of the parts that exist start from a mold and all meet the same characteristics or patterns, which is why machine vision camera manufacturers have emphasized this issue when they install their cameras, making them able to detect in detail all the patterns that may exist in a piece.

The cameras installed by the manufacturers are very precise and can act in a localized way, so they manage to determine details that are related to the image of the product brand.

Machine vision camera manufacturers have installed cameras that are capable of processing and transmitting the exact information about what all the data produced by an element that is being subjected to a visual inspection can provide, which is why they have taken into account the patterns that These pieces may have, for example, it is known that each producing company has a seal, that is, a characteristic image that all its products carry and that refers to the company, this label must always be present in the products, so it is It is logical to find it in each piece.

Each item that can be measured will be included in the inspection list by the visual inspection machine.

Many machine vision camera manufacturers realized that this was a need that customers had and made sure that the cameras paid attention to this, so now many are equipped to recognize the manufacturer’s brand in each of their parts, thus achieving that the client can bring to each user that characteristic image of the company.

Then the machines will no longer only be doing a review that completely involves a quality control of the parts, but they will also be able to determine other elements that are also important for customers that require a review of the inspection machines.

It is important that the machines can recognize patterns, in the first place because the patterns are the ones who indicate what is the standard of the product that is going through the revision, having as a guide a product that is considered as perfect. Secondly, a pattern recognition would ensure that each of the elements that transits the production line is properly identified and marked.

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