The easiest ways of using the automatic screw feeding machine

The easiest ways of using the automatic screw feeding machine
By default, the automatic screw feeder machine manufacturer has designed and developed the automatic screw feeder system to be used easily. Thus, by design, these assembly automation screw feeders can be used easily. Operators now use the automatic screw feeder system in the place of the shaker tree or the open bin.

The automatic screw feeding machine is much preferred over outdated systems because it simplifies and streamlines the production process. The screw feeders can be used by a simple touch of the tip of the tool to the presented screw, then turn the screw and get it fastened in the right area.

With this easy application, operators need not fumble anymore when fixing up their screws. This is simply used to increase efficiency and productivity. Any assembly production line that uses automatic screw feeders are typically simpler to use. Rather than getting an operator, you get a robotic arm that carries the screw that is supplied by the dispenser, to simply turn and fasten it.

The primary function of the automatic screw feeder system is to simplify the process of screwing products for either the robotic assembly or the operators. This allows them to easily do their job.

Automaitc Screw Feeder Machine

Automaitc Screw Feeder Machine

Using the automatic screw feeder system
For you to make the use of the automatic screw feeder an easy process, you will need to get a good operator and an engineer. The engineer is important in deciding the best locations to put the screw feeder systems. While the operator, on the other hand, is the person that uses the device has to completely skilled in using the machine.

If you get an operator and an engineer that are both skilled at what they do, then you can get the most benefit out of a previously made investment. The following are the easiest ways in which engineers and designers can use the automatic screw feeder systems to help maximize the success of their facilities. Some of the easiest ways of using your automatic screw feeder systems

Knowing your screw feeder system
For you to easily use the automatic screw feeder system effectively to increase efficiency and productivity, you will need to know this machine very well. You will need to check to know whether the device will easily allow you to fully assemble your product. While this seems like an obvious thing to do, it is important to note that in some assembly lines, your screw feeder system will not significantly improve the assembly process.

For instance, the screw feeder systems are very efficient in supplying numerous quantity of one type of screw. It does this, every two screws per second – to a point that is fixed. When it seems that the point takes just four screws, with all screws coming in different sizes, this means that you will need to install four different screw feeder systems.

This then means that such products (because they need different types of screws) will be slow to be assembled. Alternatively, if the system needs about forty similar screws, with all in one line, this means that the slowest part of your process is the time that your operator uses to get each screw into their shaker trays. With this arrangement, you can use just one machine to increase your productivity. There is a way for calculating the total advantage of the screw feeder machine.

This can be found easily through the multiplication of the time saved by each screw by the total screw quantity.

If you can get back the initial investment cost of your screw feeder within some time, then this means that you have the right automatic screw feeder system.

For maximum benefit, you will need to get the proper position of your screw feeder
Apart from ensuring that you use the screw feeder system on the proper product, you will also need to ensure that you fix this screw system in the right location in the process of assembly. Using this device easily means that you have to find the right location for the automatic screw feeder. To do this, you will need to consider the following factors:
• You will need to integrate this into the product flow assembly with minimum disruption.
• It should be ergonomically and easily reached by the machine operator.
• It should be designed in such a way that it can be maintained and refilled easily.

Depending on the configuration of your product assembly process – the cell, the line, or the combination configuration, it is essential that you position the screw feeder properly, and the workstation operator in a proper position. For an easy production system, you must position the workstation to the closest point to the next and the last assembly station of the product. This ensures an easy flow process within the shortest period.

Simultaneously, it is the best idea to design the screw feeder system in such a way that you get to refill it easily. You can feed the screw feeders in two easy ways:
i). Locally from the input bin, or
ii). Through the piping through a central location.

The local screw feeders come with bigger input bins; this leads to a reduction in the need for continuous refills. But, when these devices are located in areas that cannot be easily accesses, it could become such an onerous process to refill them. This could potentially lead to delays. For you to fight this, the screw feeder device that transport screws from the central position to their point of use has to be installed.

In the final analysis, if you are going to be using human factory operators, it is essential that you locate the screw device ergonomically. If you have an awkward assembly system, this could lead to injuries related to repetitive motion. This will ultimately result in downtime and healthcare costs. For you to minimize the repetitive motion wounds, you will need to locate the screw feeder device in such a position that it reduces the level of strain in the backs and joints of the operator. This is mostly considered when they are picking up the screw, turning the screw, and fastening it.

automatic screw feeding machine manufacturer in china

automatic screw feeding machine manufacturer in china

The bottom line
The assembly automatic screw feeders can drastically increase the speed of the assembly while helping the process progress 50% faster than the normal rate of shaker trays or open bins. But, for you to be able to get these efficiency gains, it is important that you are careful during the design of the screw supply device. You can easily get the most out of these capital assets if they are located in the right position and applied for the right task.

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