The Basic Knowledge For Automatic Screw Fastening Machine And Automatic Screw Locking Machine

An efficient of  automatic screw fastening machine and automatic screw locking machine is designed for small consumer products like remote controls, mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, LED light panels, etc. to increase the productivity and to screw different sizes of screws (or models) at a go. The machine, developed in 3 different models namely for 3 Axis, 4 Axis & 6 Axis, can be customized for inline model as required by the needs of clients.

Features include the following:

  • Improved flexibility by means of universal fixture for different sizes of mobile phones.
  • Smart detection functions for detecting missing screw/ loose screw / standing out screw / screw slipage.
  • Small outline size to suit different cell line configuration.
  • Easy adaptability for M1.4 – M3, just by changing screw guider.
  • Easy programming, with touch panel interface.
  • Automatic mode feature available and does not need any operator.

A Table Working Area Auto-Screw driving Machine, with Automatic Screwfeeder, and Saving Labor Suit for Production Line has the following specifications:

  • High quality and high accuracy
  • Auto feed screwdriver with table
  • Manufacturer, Low price
  • Suitable for different kinds of screws

An auto feed screwdriver with table has two parts:

  • automatic screw feeder and
  • electric screwdriver

It puts the electric screwdriver together with the automatic screwfeeder so as to achieve the complement of screw transmission and lock, which can save manpower and greatly improve the production efficiency. After locking a screw, the screwdriver is lifted, and another screw is sent immediately to continue the operation. This is particularly suitable for the work piece of multi-station which has the same specification.

Features of Automatic screw feeder

  1. Small in size, wide universality, convenient for product replacement, and can cooperate with production line.
  2. For the operator to load alternately, the Y axis can be made into double-station (i.e. double Y axis).
  3. High efficiency as the no. of electric screwdrivers of the Z-axis is customizable according to requirements of customers. Many electric screwdrivers can work at the same time.
  4. Reduction in the labor intensity of workers just like an automatic soldering machine.
  5. Convenient adjustment, accurate torsion, and the quality of lock is guaranteed.
  6. High degree of automation, ease of operation which the staff can quickly master and debug.
  7. With the leak detection function, once a screw does not fit in place, it can fill continually.
  8. The air-blowing screw is transmitted directly to the mouth of the electric screwdriver.

Types of Screw head:

The two basic head shapes are countersunk and round-head; and both are available with slotted or cross-head drives.

Round-head screws are mainly used for holding thin materials which are not suitable for countersunk screws. Generally, this means fixing metal things to wood in positions where the appearance and shape of the head is either hidden or does not matter.

One the other hand, countersunk screws is designed in such a manner that their heads can be immersed into the surface of the top material being fixed. They are less noticeable than round-head screws and should be used where a bulky head cannot be allowed e.g. fixing hinges.

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