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Responsibilities of the machine vision inspection system manufacturer

When you are a pioneer and creator of a need in a market that depends greatly on the product you offer for them, surely a great responsibility falls on you, however you have to take into account that responsibilities are accompanied by great achievements that translate in great profits and profits. The creation of a visual inspection machine requires some specific considerations. The machine vision inspection system manufacturer is not exempt from this feeling, for which it understands that there are certain criteria [...]

Main Advantages Of Automated Visual Inspection Systems In Online Production Testing For Quality Assurance

Sipotek is a professional china automated optical inspection machine manufacturers located in shenzhen city,major products including visual inspection machine and automated optical inspection (AOI) machine. Today we will talking about main advantages of automated visual inspection systems in online production testing for quality assurance. Quality Assurance and Production. One of the most important parts of the manufacturing process is quality assurance. It is the part that comes at the end of production, where the final product is checked for defects and errors before selling it to customers. [...]