Desktop 4-Axis Blow-type Single Head Single Y Screwdriver Robot And Screw tightening Machine

Desktop 4-Axis Blow-type Single Head Single Y Screwdriver Robot And Screw tightening Machine

Desktop 4-Axis Blow-type Single Head Single Y Screwdriver Robot And Screw tightening Machine

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Adopts vacuum suction screw method, high universality, overcome the blowing screw can’t send the screw length diameter ratio less than 1.2mm, also overcomes the disadvantage of magnetic suction way can’t suction stainless steel screw . for M1.0 – M4.0 screws all can be applied, such as screw size changed, just need to change the suction nozzle.

1.Applies to most of the screws, strong commonality, the screw length to diameter ratio and material there is no requirement.
2.Can replace artificial specific screw lock pay operations, realizing mechanization production.Reduce the labor intensity of workers.The traditional manual screw placement, and alignment of the screw head need to work takes up a lot of time and energy.
3.Do not need to match the external computers , convenient installation.Setting operation is simple, the staff quickly master the operation skill and debugging.
4.Apply to mobile phones, digital products, photoelectric, health care, small household electrical appliances.

Model No. Single Head Single Y Screwdriver Robot TD302
Dimension (mm) 600*900*840
Net Weight 68KG
Operation Range 330*330*120
Axes 3 Axis (X, Y, Z)
Move Speed X,Y 600-800MM/S,Z 400MM/S,R 300°/S
Repeated Precision +/-0.02 mm
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ OR 110V 60HZ
Power Source Electricity + Pneumatic
Air Pre. Req 0.4 to 0.6 MPa (4 to 6 kg/cm2) as dry air
Control Panel Teach pendant (optional:PC or Touch Screen)
Communication USB + RS232
Transmission Mode Timing Belt + Screw Rod +Guide Rail
Screwdriver Brand Customized
Torque Range 0.5-15 (can be adjusted)
Feeder Mode Adsorption Type
Control System Motion Control or PLC +Teach Pendant
Driving Mode Precision Stepping Motor+Timing Belt

1. Versatile, rugged and are “automatic feeder ready”

2. Flexibility: Standard universal fixtures are suitable for a wide range of production requirements.

3. Extensive versatility: M1-M4 screw locking can be achieved by replacing the feed screw module.

4. Desktop type can be placed on the production line.

5. High-rigidity aluminum alloy multi-axis design ensures reliability and accuracy.

6. More user-friendly touch screen or teaching pendant operation, easy to operate. External technical parameters and manual test functions can be directly adjusted by the technician.

7. The screw locking mechanism can work without a teach pendant connection.
8. ODM or OEM is OK.


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