Automatic Soldering Machine With 4-Axis Single Head Single Y 360 Degree Rotation

Automatic Soldering Machine With 4-Axis Single Head Single Y 360 Degree Rotation

Automatic Soldering Machine With 4-Axis Single Head Single Y 360 Degree Rotation

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Automatic Soldering Machine With 4-Axis Single Head Single Y 360 Degree Rotation

1.The furnace pipe is made of imported military level quality titanium plate production (titanium are widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical, biological, etc), including titanium above 99.56%. In the long term 400 degree high temperature, corrosion resistance, fight with acid, and not the tin features, and all have SGS the authentication report, is the best choice of lead-free homework

2.The thermostat PID auto-tuning technology, solid state relays output, ± 2 degree temperature error, with temperature compensation function, make assure temperature and the actual temperature are same.

3.Ceramic heater and thermocouple are imported components production, the WaiReShi fever high efficiency, long life, save electric energy.

4.Automatic ON/OFF function ,save Melt tin time.

5.Desktop tin pot with 1.5 mm iron plate appearance, durable, surface spraying rice white paint.

6.large welding surface,Apply to electronic company welding pcb board.

Product Specification:

Model TD101 Automatic Soldering Machine
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 815*600*880mm
Weight(kg) 65
Operation Range (X*Y*Z) (mm) 380*380*80mm
Axes 4 Axis (X,Y,Z,R)
Control System Motion Controller or PLC + Teach Pendant
Driving mode Precision Stepping Motor+Timing belt
Move speed X,Y 600-800MM/S,Z 400MM/S,
Solder wire Φ0.4~1.2mm
Feeding Control Precision Stepping Motor
Feeding speed 1-50MM/S
Feeding resolution 0.1MM
Repeated precision +/-0.02MM
Heating power 150W
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz (Optional)
Temperature control range 0-550C°
Temperature control accuracy +/-1C°
Air pressure requirement 0.4 to 0.6MPa (4 to 6kg/cm2) as dry air
Control Panel Teach pendant
External Interface USB + RS232
Soldering Method Point Soldering/Drag Soldering
Iron Tip Cleaning Air cleaning
Working Temperature 5-40C°
Working Humidity 20-90% RH

Product Features

The soldering robot consists of the teaching pendant and the soldering machine host that consists of the soldering

controller unit, the solder feeder and the iron unit.

1. You can easily set the preheating, heating time and other soldering conditions through the teaching pendant.
2. Desktop type can be placed on the production line.

3. High-rigidity aluminum alloy multi-axis design ensures reliability and accuracy.

4. Solder automatic feeding.
5. Flexibility: Standard universal fixtures are suitable for a wide range of production requirements.

6. More user-friendly touch screen or teaching pendant operation, easy to operate.

External technical parameters and manual test functions can be directly adjusted by the technician.

7. The machine has the functions of point soldering, drag soldering, automatic cleaning, shifting, etc. It has functions such as position Correction, batch modification, array copying, graphics translation, graphics zooming, automatic positioning and so on.

8. In addition to entering coordinates and teachings, the machine also supports the import of computer graphics. The graphics on the computer can be converted into PLT files or G code files and then converted by the controller into a soldering process file for processing.

9. Each processing file can store 100, 000 processing points and the host file storage space is 256M. The system also supports U disk read and write functions, you can directly read and write U disk processing files. The teach pendant can store welding process files, system configuration files and multiple devices can use teaching pendants to copy welding process files or system configuration files to each other (it can also use U disk copy).

10. Smoke purification filter system (optional)

11. The soldering machine can work without a teach pendant connection.

12. ODM or OEM is OK.

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