How To Make Selection Of The Right Automatic Ultrasonic Welding Machine For TIG And MIG Welding Techniques

Welding foundations and types of welding machines:

When it comes to automatic welding machines from Huizhou Shengyang Industrial Co. Ltd, it is important to know what type of connection works best when connecting the torch correctly. To determine this, you must first become familiar with the basic concepts of welding and the types of welding equipment. Whether you are new to TIG and MIG welding or you’re a master craftsman, it can be difficult to distinguish between the wide variety of adapters and connectors.

In addition, manufacturers have used inverter technology and have manufactured various types of welding machines. The type of machine used depends on the specific welding technique.

Knowledge about the TIG and MIG welding methods:

TIG and MIG welding are techniques invented in the 1940s to meet the growing demand for weapons. TIG is mainly used in the aerospace industry, while MIG welding has been used to increase the speed of weapons production.

TIG Welding Vs. MIG welding:

TIG – welding with tungsten inert gas.

  • It uses a tungsten electrode that is not consumed during the welding process
  • It provides a shield with a mixture of argon, hydrogen and a mixture of helium gas.
  • Ideal for materials such as magnesium, aluminum, copper, alloys, stainless steel.

MIG – metal inert gas welding:

  • One of the fastest welding methods available.
  • Uses a metal electrode that simultaneously serves as a filler for welding and is consumed during the process
  • Argon gas is used alone or in combination with oxygen, carbon dioxide or helium

Advantages of TIG and MIG welding:

TIG welding produces better quality welds, less spatter and a lower disposal rate. It can also produce welds without additional metal and has more precise control of electrode heat. On the other hand, MIG welding is cheaper, easier to learn, better for home use and requires less cleaning. Although MIG welding is much easier, TIG welding produces higher quality welds.

Decide the type of connection you need to connect the lamp:

If you have a better idea of ​​what type of automatic welding machine you have, you can find out what type of connection you need to connect your TIG torch. For older models, the torch is screwed to the machine with a threaded pin. However, for newer welding machines, the connector is used in accordance with DINSE, which is a quick-release twist-lock system. Dinse connectors are available with the small pin (9.5 mm diameter) or the common large pin (12.7 mm diameter).

Some machines use the so-called gas connection through dinse, which means that the burner protection gas supply flows directly through the Dinse connection. Another type of commonly used connector is the American Type Tweco type (split pin connector), which also rotates and locks in place.

In addition, you should also consider the type of TIG torch, since the different burners have different adapter ports on the side of the machine. TIG burners are cooled with water or air. It may be a good idea to upgrade your welder to a Dinse connector so you can easily switch from one burner to another. For older threaded stud machines, use a plug-to-plug converter to improve the connection.

For machines with a Tweco connection, use an adapter that connects to the machine and can be converted into a Dinse connector.

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