Electrical drives used in Ultrasonic welding machine

The initial position can be chosen freely.
The electric movement is an additional development of the Dynamic 3000 ultrasonic welding machine (also with a working frequency of 20 kHz), which was specially developed for technically demanding welding processes for medium to large thermoplastic parts. In contrast to the compressed air design, in which the power for the ultrasonic welding machine comes back after
For each welding cycle in the starting position in the pneumatic cylinder, the starting position with the electric movement can be freely selected. As a result, the welding cycle can often be shortened depending on the geometry of the object to be welded.

A welding profile dependent on speed or force is also possible.
The welding mode can also be freely selected. In total there are eight modes available: time, distance and distance.Modes related to energy, a combination of time and energy and a way to preset the fusion speed. For all welding modes, the ultrasonic trigger can be configured as force, distance, time or as an external signal. Depending on the welding mode, the actual welding process can be divided into up to ten steps. With this level of detail, the welding process can be controlled much more accurately than with a pneumatic drive. Therefore, you can even get a welding profile that depends on speed or force. All this leads to a significantly improved weld quality, so even parts that were previously difficult or impossible to weld.

ultrasonic welding machine developed a new insulation plate welding technology with a machine manufacturer. Thanks to the non-contact thermal welding process, several insulating materials can be combined. For example, ultrasonic welding machine, rigid extruded polystyrene foam, can be combined with polyurethane, inorganic insulation or melamine resin foam to form a new combination of insulation materials.

Benefits for the construction industry.
Architects and designers benefit from the new possibilities: the traditional advantages of the ultrasonic welding machine sheet, such as low water absorption and high pressure resistance, can be combined with the desired properties of other construction products. ultrasonic welding machine has already patented a series of applications and product combinations. On this basis, the company wishes to develop new applications in the insulation of buildings together with interested partners.

High compression cards available up to 240 mm.
The company also announced that its ultrasonic welding machine (XPS) product line also includes very thick plates manufactured with the highly resistant ultrasonic welding machine 4000 CS and 5000 CS grades. The plates cover a thickness range of 60 mm to 240 mm with a good insulation value (lambda: 0.035 W / (m · K)

With the new Electrical Motion ultrasonic welding machine (working frequency: 20 kHz), the Swiss company ultrasonic welding machine is acquiring new dimensions: from the traditional pneumatic unit to an electric welding machine.

The joining process can be adjusted individually and very precisely.
With this system, the relevant parameters for the assembly process, from the positioning of the ultrasonic welding machine to the welding force applied to the welding speed, can be configured individually and very precisely. This leads to significantly better results, whether in the welding, stamping, cutting or sealing of thermoplastic molded parts, non-woven fabrics or synthetic textiles. Another welder is equipped with a powerful industrial PC that can be operated through a 12-inch touch screen. The new electrical movement can be used for demanding assembly operations in automotive production, medical technology, packaging, textiles and household appliances.

The development of a new technology for welding incompatible plastics allows manufacturers in various plastics processing industries to produce a variety of plastics combinations. This allows manufacturers to use market-based welding techniques on a much larger scale, while benefiting from a shorter machining time and many other benefits of this established assembly technology. This new technology can also be used to weld compatible plastics.

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