Chip Soldering Machine Automatic Soldering Robot And Automatic Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a good staff member to perform a good job in any sort for company; this is highly remarked when that job is related to some technical work. Add to that the changing cost of production and the training periods and personnel involved in the preparation of a worker in the soldering area. Furthermore, it is somehow difficult at times to retain a good soldering worker, so that is the reason why so many companies are buying soldering automatic machines to cover this important area in certain businesses.

One of the major manufactures of this sort of devices is Huizhou Shengyang Industrial Co., Ltd. which has been producing several robotic products in order to help the achievement of a high performance for the company requiring any of the devices made by this factory. In the automatic soldering machines, one of the most popular products of the line of automatic robotic devices, the company guarantees the easiness of usage of the device as well as its high efficiency and assures the quality of it.

The Huizhou Shengyang Industrial Co., Ltd automatic soldering machine has the following technical features:

  • Name of the product: Three axis automatic soldering machine
  • Input Power: 220V 50HZ
  • Heating Power: 150W
  • Heating Temperature: From 240 to 480°C
  • As its name indicates, the quantity of controlling axis is three.
  • The machine has a work process of 300mm for the X axis, 350mm for the Y axis, and 50mm for the Z axis.
  • The maximum speed for axis is 300mm/s for the X and Y axis and 100mm/s for the Z axis.
  • The automatic soldering machine is controlled by a touch screen
  • It has ±0.02mm respecting of its position accuracy.
  • The device’s power is 600W
  • Air source reaches the 0.5Mpa
  • Its applicable tin wire is 0.8mm (This values can be customized if the customer requires it)
  • It has two way of soldering: spot soldering and drag soldering.
  • The tip cleaning method used is pneumatic or scroll.
  • The smoke collection is a negative pressure collection.
  • It has an electric drive mode.
  • It has a volume of 6kg for it tin furnace.
  • The temperature of the Tin in the furnace reaches the 420°C
  • The length of the preheat area is about 3mm
  • It works with alternate current (AC)
  • It weighs 45kg.
  • And its dimensions are 595*525*825mm.

Besides these technical features, the three axis automatic soldering machine possesses the following advantages and features:

  • High precision and high rigidity of the structural design
  • Long-term guarantee equipment accuracy
  • It has a sophisticated stepper motor which is reflected in the performance and stability of the device.
  • It is user-friendly operated which allows the field operator to performed quickly skilled jobs
  • It can be freely adjusted to set the tin wire supply time, the number of soldering times and the heating time.
  • The angle of the wielding mechanism can be set at any angles from 35° ~ 85° improving the variety of substrate wielding
  • The device has an automatic cleaning function.
  • The smoke collection system provides a safer environment as the smoke generated by soldering is collected by the machine itself.

The company is willing to provide quick responses at any trouble that would surface during the initial operation of the automatic soldering machine and it provides the device with a 12 months guarantee as they did with all the products manufactured in the factory located in Guangdong, mainland China.

For more info about the automatic screw locking machine and automatic welding machine,please kindly contact us as below:

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