An Overview Of Automated Optical Inspection(AOI) Machine From China Manufacturer Sipotek

Sipotek is a professional china automated optical inspection machine manufacturers located in shenzhen city,major products including visual inspection machine and automated optical inspection (AOI) machine.

Automation is defined as the process by which machines, equipment, systems or processes are steadily detected, judged, processed, analyzed, and controlled to accomplish a desired objective without direct involvement one or more persons , according to the needs of the man.

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is an automated visual inspection of the manufacture of printed circuit boards (or transistors, LCDs) in which a camera independently scans the device being tested for catastrophic failures (for example, missing components) and quality defects (i.e. shape, inclined component, etc.). It is used commonly in the production process as it is a contactless test method. At several stages, it is implemented throughout the production process, including bare-edge inspection, welding glue inspection (SPI), post-reflow and pre-reflow phases, and other stages as well

Historically, the main place of AOI systems was after soldering or remolding “post-production”. Especially because AOI systems – post-reflow, can inspect most types of defects (component placement, missing solder, solder shorts, etc.) at a single point in the chain with a single system. In this way, the defective cards are reprocessed and the other cards are sent to the next step of the process.

Automated or automatic optical inspection (AOI) is a vital technique used in the manufacturing and testing of electronic printed circuit boards. Automatic optical inspections, AOI enables accurate and fast assessment of electronic components, especially printed circuit boards, to make sure that the quality of the product coming out of the production line is high and that the items are properly built and without any manufacturing defects.

The Need for automatic optical inspection, AOI

In spite of the significant improvements, modern circuits are much more complicated than those of a few years ago. The innovation of surface mount technology and subsequent size reductions make the panels particularly compact. Even relatively average circuit boards have thousands of welded joints, and that’s where most of the problems lie.

This increased complexity of circuit boards also implies that manual inspection is not a potent option nowadays. Even when this approach was accepted, it was understood that it was not particularly effective, the inspectors easily become tired and the bad construction not easily detected. Now that the market demands that high-volume, high-quality products come on the market very quickly, very reliable and timely methods are needed to ensure that product quality remains high. AOI, the Automatic Optical Inspection is a major tool in an integrated electronic testing strategy which ensures costs are kept at their lowest by detecting defects early in the production chain.

One solution is to use automatic or automated optical control systems. Automated optical inspection systems can be inserted into the production line immediately after the welding process. This way, they can be used to identify problems early in the production process. This has many advantages. With failures that cost more to adjust further in the production process, these are obviously the ideal place to look for defects.

In addition, process problems in the welding and assembly area can be detected from the early stages of the production process and the information used to quickly send feedback to previous phases. This way, a quick response can make sure that problems are quickly recognized and corrected before too many circuit boards are built with the same problem.

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